Utility Services

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To activate the accounts with the utility companies requires specific documentation and requirements which is outlined below. At times, this process can take time to complete and there sometimes can be a 5 - 7 day waiting period from the time the documentation is provided and applications submitted until the actual utilities are actually turned on.

We are able to assist in providing service in getting this completed on behalf of our owners with a signed letter of authorization from the owner. We will write this letter to be signed by the owner and faxed / scanned back to us for submission with the application.

The charge to perform this service is US $300

A recap of what is required for each company is outlined below.

For all services by utility companies we require

Letter of Authorization from Owner (We will provide draft letter to be signed)

Copy of Valid Identification

Copy of House Deed or Notarial Letter verifying ownership

ELMAR (Electricity)

Approved Inspection Certificate of Electrical Installation (Gold Coast receives from ELMAR)

Deposit including Meter (based upon # of AC units)

3 AC Units: US$ 165

4 AC Units: US$ 210

5 AC Units: US$ 255

Connection Time 5 – 7 Days

W.E.B. Aruba N.V. (Water- en Energy Bedrijf Aruba N.V.) - Water

Deposit including Meter: US$ 180. Connection Time 3 – 5 days

SETAR (Telephone / Wireless Internet cabling / Cable TV)

Installation of telecom box, pre-wiring of CAT 5 data outlet: US$ 210

Includes 2 telephone connections and 4 TV connections.

Additional charges (Digital TV converter box per television, additional connections, etc) will be added to the first month billings with monthly subscription.

ARUGAS (Villa Homes Only)

50 Gallon Gas Tank Purchase: US $615

Gas (Full Tank Fill) – Estimate: US $185