Living in Aruba

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  • Constitutional Form

    Aruba has a constitutional monarchy (as part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands) with a parliamentary democracy. The Governor of Aruba is appointed by the Monarch and has a symbolic role. The 21 members of the parliament (legislative branch) are elected by direct popular vote for a four year period. The 8 members of the council of ministers (executive branch) are appointed by the Parliament. The judges in the judicial branch are appointed by the Monarch

  • Area

    Aruba is 6 miles across and 19.6 miles long with a total area of 77 Square miles (180 Square kilometers)

  • Geographical Position

    Aruba is part of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea, and lies about 12 degrees north of the equator, approximately 29km (18 miles) off the Paraguaná Peninsula of Venezuela

  • Time Zone

    (GMT – 04:00 Georgetown, La Paz, Manaus, San Juan) During the months between the Spring Daylight Savings Time change to the Fall Daylight Savings Time change, we are the same time as EST. During the other months, we are one hour ahead of EST.

  • Capital


  • Population

    99,109 (2004) (*); 102,149 (2005) (*)

  • Life expectancy

    74 years (1995)

  • Literacy rate

    97% (1995)

  • Temperature

    Average of 82°F (27°C)

  • Rainfall

    Average of 15.7 inches (400mm) per year

  • Language

    Papiamento (official), Dutch, English, Spanish

  • Head of State

    The Governor of Aruba - Mr. F. Refunjol

  • Prime Minister

    Mr. Mike G. Eman

  • Governing Political

    Parties Aruban Peoples Party (AVP)

  • Economic Activities

    Mainly tourism, banking and transportation. The goods presently manufactured locally are semi finished petroleum products, paint and paint products, aloe-based skin care products, plastic bags, soaps and disinfectants, printed textiles, mattresses, rice products, refined sugar, beer and condiments

  • Currency

    Aruban Florin (AWG) and US$ is widely accepted

  • Exchange Rate

    AWG 1.80 = US$ 1.00 (more information on exchange rate www.cbaruba.org )

  • Airport

    International Airport Queen Beatrix

  • Major Airlines

    American Airlines, US Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, JetBlue Airways, United Airlines, Air Canada, Air Transet, Skyservice, SLM, Spirit Airlines EUROPE

    KLM, ArkeFly, Martinair, Thomson Holidays CARIBBEAN

    Tiara Air, Dutch Antilles Express, Insel Air LATIN AMERICA

    Tiara Air, Avianca, Venezolana, SAM Aires, Avior, Aserca, Aires, Copa Airlines, SLM, Varig, Malaysia Airlines, PAWA Domincana

  • Major Sea Ports

    Oranjestad, San Nicolas (Valero Refinery) , Barcadera

  • Business Hours


  • Store Hours


    • Official Holidays

      January 1 New Year's Day 

      January 25

      G.F. Betico Croes Day

      Date varies per year  Carnaval Monday
      March 18

      National Flag and Anthem Day

      Date varies per year Good Friday

      Date varies per year

      Easter Monday
      April 30 Queen's Day
      May 1 Labor Day

      Date varies per year

      Ascension Day
      December 25 Christmas Day
      December 26 Boxing Day

      Electricity System

      110-127 Volt, 60 cycles. (North American voltage standard). The TV standard is NTSC, so your home video camera will also play back. Most houses have 220V for air conditioning