Owner services

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Gold Coast offers a variety of additional services.

  • Construction

    Residential and commercial Property construction and architectural design to individual specification. Our experienced property developers will assist you to accomplish the home of your dreams with attention to taste and detail.
    Property Consultant Service

    Our highly experienced professionals will advise and guide you on properties for sale that meet your requirements or manage the sale of your property.

  • Financial Services

    Gold Coast can advise you on the most practical and efficient manner of all financial transactions, including opening bank accounts, automatic bank payments, internet banking and acquisition of mortgages.

  • Rentals

    We will offer services for short and long term rental.
    Making sure to ensure that all prospective tenants are qualified.
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  • Interior Solutions

    Our job is not considered done after the completion of your property.
    We can offer an interior design service to assist in furnishing your home and with other aspects of moving if so required.
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  • Property & Community Management Services

    In addition, The Gold Coast team is committed to provide responsible and pro-active management of the entire community. We recognize the great investment and being made by each of our owners and we are eager to provide the personal and quality services that are well deserved. We consider ourselves as partners to our owners in the protection of their investment and appreciate greatly the ongoing loyalty to Aruba and Gold Coast.
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