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Utility Services

Utility Services


WEB NV is the only water provider on the Island. All the industrial and potable water produced by WEB NV, the world’s largest desalination plant, is from the seawater. The quality of Aruba’s drinking water is highly regarded and very safe to drink direct from the faucet.

The average consumption per month according to WEB NV is $120.00. Houses with extensive landscaping could expect water bills around $220.00. A deposit of $180.00 is required to connect to the water supply of WEB NV. With an average swimming pool of 30 m3, the monthly consumption of water in dollars is estimated at $350.00.


Electricity is produced by WEB NV, who in turn delivers electricity to the distribution company ELMAR NV. Power is supplied to all homes and businesses at 60-Hertz frequency and at 110 volts, just like in the United States. Power outages are very rare. The average consumption of power per month is $300.00.

Deposit including meter for a house with 3 AC (Air Condition) Units $165.00, with 4 AC Units $210.00 and with 5 AC Units $255.00.

Cable TV:

Cable TV Aruba offers the leading broadcast stations from the U.S.A. such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, as well as leading stations from Latin Amercia.

In addition able TV carry all the well known Cable networks such as CNN, ESPN, USA, FOX and Nickelodeon.

Cable TV Aruba also offers several movie packages for your at home entertainment. HBO, Cinemax, Movie City and Cinecanal offer an extensive choice of movies.

Package Channels Fee Awg USD
Analog Basic 42 58.00 33.00
Digital Basic 117 68.00 38.00
Digital Basic Plus 125 82.00 46.00
Digital Movie City 142 82.00 46.00
Digital HBO 127 82.00 46.00
Digital Movie City Plus 150 95.00 54.00
Digital HBO Plus 135 95.00 54.00
Digital Movie Lovers 132 95.00 54.00
Digital Combo Plus 140 105.00 59.00


With the exception of the Analog basic, a converter box is required for all other packages. A $ 14.00 deposit is required for each Converter. In addition Cable TV requires a deposit equal to the monthly subscription fee.

Installation Charges:

Cable TV charges $ 26.00 for the first TV, $ 17.00 for the second TV, $ 11.00 for the third TV, $11.00 for the fourth TV, and $ 11.00 for the fifth TV.

Monthly Subscribtion:

Analog Basic Package covers all the TV’s in the home. Any other package, you need to add $ 6.00 per month for each additional TV. If you have the Digital Basic Package and have 4 TV, you will be paying $38 + $6 +$6 +$6 = $56.00

Internet Connection

SETAR NV, Aruba’s telecommunications company offers a variety of internet access services including Wi-Fi , Dial-Up and/or DSL connections with or without an account.

“Wi-Fi Aruba” and “123 Instant Access” are easy and convenient services for those who want to use the internet on a limited basis. For a more permanent or heavy users get a SETAR’s “Dial-Up Access” or “DSL High Way Access” account.

Please click here for more information on SETAR’s internet services.